Masterpiece is offering a rotating series of six week sessions ranging
from basic to advance instructions in a wide variety of art media. 
This 6-week session will focus of Creative Writing, Special Effects
Make-up, Sculpting, Lifecasting, Building Props. Fantasy Art,
 "Trash to Trailer", Photography/Videography, and Acting. 

See 3-D & Theatrical Class Page for Program Syllabus and Start Dates 

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Join other women, or bring your friends for an evening or afternoon
of relaxation, creativity, informal chatter and just plain FUN !
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Dabble and Babble
Cross Stitch and Bitch
50 Shades of Crochet
Sip and Sketch
Knaughty Knitting
Paint without Restraints
Creative Theater
BS Confess & De-Stress



 Art has been a part of mans world since the beginning of time.  Art, which includes all sorts of creative endeavors, stimulates the mind, relieves stress, gives voice to inner feelings, relaxes the body, and broadens one’s view of the world and its beauty.

 With our busy lifestyles and stretched budgets, however, art and creative pursuits often take a backseat.  Masterpiece wants to rekindle your interest in art, awaken your senses and stimulate your creativity through our classes and demonstrations that feature a wide range of artistic techniques.

 Because art comes in so many forms, we invite you to explore your own creativity and find your own unique means of artist expression.  Even it you never painted or sketched before and believe that you can’t even draw a straight line, there is an art medium for you.

 “We are all artists; some of us just have yet to find our medium
                                                                                            Herb Green

Our classes range from singular special events or parties to progressive training sessions lasting from four to eight weeks, depending on the technique and project.

Our instructors will guide students through the creation of their own masterpieces - and share the joy and satisfaction that it will bring.

Masterpiece offers classes for children to adults. 

Masterpiece will hold quarterly art exhibits to showcase the work of our students.  A prospectus will be available prior to each exhibit detailing the categories, entry guideline/deadlines, and the breakdown of awards.  All students will be encouraged to enter.

Learn how to create "masterpieces" like these
Center for the Arts
800 Lincoln Highway
North Versailles, PA  15137
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